Mathieu Gram
Olympic Physical & Mental Expert and Rehabilitation Specialist

Mathieu Gram is an Olympic level physical & mental performance expert and rehabilitation specialist. He crafted his unique skill set through in debt science and by forging athletes who won over 30 medals and counting, at the Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

On top he founded "GRAM" where, together with his highly skilled and experienced team, they apply a unique fusion of expertise to implement the Olympic performance approach on carefully selected executives towards a personal goal. During this exclusive coaching process the executive experiences a sustainable transformation grounded in sports physiology and neuroscience. The executive will, on top of achieving his or her extreme goal, be informed and transformed so as to produce better results in less time.

Toon de Beukelaar, PhD
Neuroscientist, expert in the role of cognition and sleep on performance.

Toon de Beukelaar, PhD is a neuroscientist focussing on the neural mechanisms of memory formation and the biological function of sleep. Throughout the years, he established in-depth knowledge about neurobehavioral and cognitive functioning and the specific role of circadian rhythm and sleep on performance.

He is systematically integrating this cutting edge science into his training and coaching expertise derived from his sport science background. With this holistic approach he guides people to endurance races such as Marmotte, Marathon, 70.3 IronMan and IronMan.

Ruud Van Thienen, MD, PhD
Olympic Sports Medicine & Physiology Expert

Dr. Ruud Van Thienen is an Olympic level sports doctor (MD), exercise physiologist (PhD) and expedition medic. Since more than a decade he is preparing and leading individuals and groups to perform to the best of their capabilities in extremely challenging conditions.

He provided tailor made state-of-the-art medical and physiological advice to elite athletes competing at the Olympic Games, fundraisers climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, patients with dementia climbing the Himalayas and business executives summiting Mt. Blanc in the Alps as well as for a successful attempt at the World Hour Record in cycling in 2019.

Arne Jaspers, PhD
Olympic Nutritional & Data Science Expert

Arne Jaspers, PhD is a human performance expert applying science & technology to provide state-of-the art training & recovery consultancy. This approach finds itself on the edge evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence. He obtained his PhD with a specific focus on the continuous monitoring of training load in professional football.

Next to consultancy services for Olympic athletes and professional football teams such as the Belgian National Team, he focuses on the science-based application of 'intermittent fasting' or 'time-restricted feeding'. This eating method focusing on the timing of nutrition can provide various performance and health benefits, both for elite athletes and executives.